The new Fagor Industrial oven provides professionals of the sector with space and energy savings.


Madrid, 9 May 2019 – Fagor Industrial, leading manufacturer of equipment for the restaurant, hotel and laundry sectors, launches a new line of ovens onto the market: Optima.

The range’s name is no coincidence, given that it has been designed to optimise both the space and investment of professionals of the sector.

- It optimises space, making it the perfect solution where kitchen capacity is limited. The oven’s depth is less than 600 mm so that it fits perfectly into any kitchen. This does not mean any reduction in capabilities, since the company from Oñati has taken care to include the same power and robustness of the higher capacity combination ovens from the Advance generation.

- It optimises the kitchen professional’s investment and is a great option when the budget is limited and energy efficiency is sought, not only for the reduction in costs, but also for its respect for the environment.

The new line has taken the different types of cooking required in a high-level kitchen into account, and as such offers the possibility of steam, combination or dry heat cooking. There are two ranges within Optima, Advance and Concept, to adapt to the kitchen professional’s needs.

They all come with systems included that position them at the leading edge of the sector:

- They guarantee product regeneration, combining a process of mixed cooking and allowing you to adjust the temperature to taste and to the needs of the moment.

- The Delta T system helps to achieve uniform cooking, particularly useful for cooking items of a large size.

- ECO Streaming is an exclusive system offered by the Advance range which provides fresh steam at all times for perfect quality cooking. This guarantees continuous renewal of the water every 24h.

- The HA Control controls the temperature so that it is uniform and constant, for food with an incomparable appearance, taste and aroma.

- The EZ Sensor has an ergonomic design which is easier to handle and guarantees that the chef will achieve the desired degree of cooking at all times. It has four points of measurement to ensure precision throughout the whole cooking process.

A wide variety of accessories and containers for the Optima Ovens are available to meet your most demanding requirements so that you can make the most of the ovens, improving the ergonomics and agility of professional kitchen tasks.

“Our objective is none other than to facilitate the daily work of kitchen professionals. With the new Optima line, we have achieved, with little space and a small investment, a quality oven for the kitchen professional which helps the chef and the team in their daily work”, states Jonan Eskibel, head of the ovens unit at Fagor Industrial.


The new Fagor Industrial oven provides professionals of the sector with space and energy savings.